Composting made easy

Composting made easy

Here’s a simple and direct way for busy gardeners to recycle their food scraps. All you have to do is bury the kitchen waste into the garden soil. This dig and drop method is a much easier process than the traditional composting method and it results in odour free composting.

Follow the simple steps:
1. Collect your kitchen waste (avoid meat waste) in a plastic bucket/container with a lid and when full, take it out to the garden.
2. Dig a ditch next to an individual plant or a group without disturbing the surrounding plants OR dig between rows of crops creating a skinnier yet deeper trench by moving your shovel back and forth in a straight line.
3. Dump in the scrap and cover it up with the soil. It’s that simple.

The organic matter breaks down and enriches the soil by providing nutrients to the nearby plants. To quicken the process, you can cut down the items for composting to an inch or less. The smaller the pieces the faster the composting process.

This method results in a nutrient rich soil that feeds both your garden and the soil organisms.

A few easy composting tips below:

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