Diwali Celebrated at Geoscience AU

Geoscience Australia (GA), a federal government department has celebrated Diwali Festival for the first time. It was GA Diversity Committee initiative to introduce the celebrations of multi-cultural festivals in the organisation and Diwali was the first event.

Mr Tony Marks gave an introductory speech and Krishna Nadimpalli talked about the significance of Diwali. Ms Olivia Wilson facilitated the event. The event was organised by Indian community members and their families of Krishna Nadimpalli, Narsimha Garlapati, Divya Karadi, Neha Rai, Srivani Vuppala, Baskaran Sundaram,Medhavy Thankappan, Sudhir Jain, Subhash Jairath and Jagadish Mehra.

There premises was decorated with Rangoli, banners, posters, flowers and offered variety of homemade Indian sweets in the morning tea. There were about 200 employees attended and it was grand success. The colours and plenty of Indian food makes the difference and it was well presented. The small initiatives will strengthen the good spirit of Indian communities.

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