Srimad Bhagavata Saptaha 15-21 Sept

During this auspicious festive season, we welcome all of you to the Bhaagvat Saptah from the 15th of September to the 21st of September, rendered by the renowned scholar Dr.Aralumallige Parthasarathy.

When Pareekshit Maharaj was cursed with death in a week, he requests Sri SukaMaharshi to enlighten him with Bhagavatha, and that is how the name Bhagavatha Saptaha originated. There are very few people in the world who can do Bhagavatha Sapthaha and Very very few who can do in english. It is said in that a person who can listen to Saptaha will attain Moksha, like Sri Parikshit Maharaj did.
It is our blessing that we have the Lord sent Guruji in our town to enlighten us.

This immortal scripture, when heard over a period of 7 days (Saptaha), has the capacity to uplift our thoughts and give us a multi-dimensional view on life. Bhaagvat is a practical exposition of innumerable Vedas, teaching us the highest values and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the seven day event.

The most significant handicap for us and our coming generations is the language that our scriptures are written in. To overcome this hurdle, Dr.Parthasarathy has vowed to reach all sections of society with the message of the Bhaagvat Saptaha through a medium in which all can understand, relish and benefit from. He is an excellent orator with a unique style of describing, thus doing justice to the subject.
We request you to bring along your family and friends and participate in this festival of Bhaagvat Saptaha.

Sri.Parthasarthy garu is the only person who can do the Bhagavatha Saptaha in English today, the amount of knowledge we can gain in this Sapthaha is immeasurable. To go through the whole Bhagavatha by any one author it takes few months, and what we learn from the Guruji in this one week is the essense of several granthas. It is our very big blessing that Guruji had come to Melbourne and is to bless us. Please use this life time opportunity at any cost.

When Guruji does a SAPTAHA in India, the minimum audience is a 100000, they need to make an enormous arrangements, and people can’t even see him and can only listen to his words on the speakers, and we are blessed to have his darshan and listen to his mesmerising voice.

Please avail this opportunity to the full extent possible.

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