'Tollywood Dance Mix' - WATA Kids

WATA kids performed a wonderful dance – ‘Tollywood Dance Mix’ on the occassion of Deepavali Mela at Murdoch University on 27th Oct 2013.

All the kids have put a lot of effort and time for practice especially with their busy school schedule, homework and weekend activities and to perform on big stage. Also, coordinating and choreography of such dance with kids is a huge challenge for the organisers.

WATA thank all the kids for their excellent performance, parents for their support and coordinators for their commitment.

Children: Shriya Vannemreddy, Reeva Khandelwal, Ananya Senthil Kumar, Harshita Bhupathiraju, Pooja Kramuru, Likhith Datla, Mithul Rajaram, Abhinav Rajaram, Krithik Hari Bhaskar, Ram Vasant.







Choreographer: Mrs. Hema Shankar

Coordinator: Mrs. Preeti Vasant

Links to Photos and Videos:


http://youtu.be/LwNKvAXFzzI (This is in Telugumalli home page video)

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