Lemon Peel Pickle

Lemon Peel Pickle

Enjoy this simple easy and tasty- sweet and sour Lemon Peel Pickle.
20 Lemons
2.5 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Salt
2 tbsp chilli powder
1 tbsp Turmeric

Take 20 lemons, wash and dry. The yellow thin-skinned lemons are ideal, however locally available green small lemons can also be used. Do not used thick skinned large lemons.
Cut all lemons in half and remove seeds. Squeeze juice out from all lemons in a glass bowl containing 1-2 tsp of sugar.
Turn inside out of half cut lemons. Remove or scoop out flesh from these half-cut lemons. Once lemon skin is clear, cut into small pieces lengthwise (about 1- 2 mm wide by using scissor or a cutting knife) and put in a glass bowl contain lemon juice.
Add 1 tbsp of turmeric, 2 tbsp of salt and 2 tbsp of chilli powder and mix well. Note that quantity of salt and chilli powder will vary depending on the sourness of lemons so need to be adjusted accordingly.
Put this raw pickle under sun for 7-10 days. Check if skin is soft and breaks easily by this time or not( give some more sunlight if not). After which add 2 tbsp of sugar in it.
Note cut lemon pickle can be put inside the house in shade and left for 2-3 weeks or more before it can further process.
Always use dry hand and spoon when handling this masala free lemon peel pickle.

Recipe courtesy: Subbalakshmi Yerramilli

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